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SAP Learning Hub Edition for IoT and Digital Supply Chain

SAP Learning Hub for IoT and Digital Supply Chain will enable you to:


·   Accelerate proficiency in SAP IoT and Digital Supply Chain solutions

·   Upskill on the continual flow of new features and functionality

·   Leverage available technologies for manufacturing, R&D, engineering, and asset management technologies to support the intelligent enterprise

·   Prepare and book for SAP IoT and Digital Supply Chain solution certification exams

·   For roles involved in SAP IoT and Digital Supply Chain solution portfolio projects – from novices to seasoned experts, as well as software implementation project teams, systems integrators

·   Fast delivery of learning, directly from SAP experts in multiple formats and a wide range of solution areas

·   Digital enablement platform with unlimited access to high-quality, up- to-date training materials

·   Flexible, high-quality, complete enablement resource for digital Transformation

·   Prepare and book for SAP customer engagement and commerce solution certification exams

How to purchase SAP Learning Hub Edition for IoT and Digital Supply Chain subscription ?

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Price: 1789 USD

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    Delivery Method: Online

    Duration: 12 Months     


    ·   Learning Journeys - A visual guide illustrating the path a learner can choose to become fully competent in a solution

    ·   Learning management system capabilities - To track and report on learning goals and progress

    ·   SAP Learning Rooms - Structured collaboration and social learning led by experts from SAP or partners

    ·   Educational content - Unlimited access to all of the learning content from SAP, including role-based learning and certification paths and the option to upload company-specific content

    ·   SAP Live Access - 10 hours of hands-on training on preconfigured SAP live software systems

    ·   Two exam bookings for online certification in the cloud exams from SAP



    ·   Significant cost reduction per learner allows you to train your entire technical workforce on SAP software.

    ·   It simplifies the purchasing process to one transaction a year: no scheduling, no cancellations, and so on.

    ·   It brings all technical professional workers up- to-date on SAP IoT and digital supply chain solution knowledge, providing perpetual "classrooms" in the cloud and live training systems anytime, year-round.

Target Audience

    -      Consultants who needs to learn and keep their knowledge up-to-date with IoT and Digital Supply Chain